Shall We Date All Otome Games Guys?

This jungle King looks yummy !!!

This jungle King looks yummy !!!

Shallwedateallotomeguys Group is now a Secret Group !!!

Yay !!! Right …still I welcome those who are really interested and love our otome guys to join us !!! You may pm me on fb or here with your email add so I can send you an invitation to join us !!! See you soon !!!

New Spin off Ninja Love +

Sorry !!!

I apologized for my absent for such a long time. For those who requested to join my fb group can you please resend your requests and let me know your name thru pm again. Cos I have tried to look thru the ever ending requests still I can’t find some of yours. So please resend your requests again and let me know here so I can work on it . Thank you so much for all the love and supports and sorry for the trouble and wait !!!

Anonymous said: Yahoo JP deosn't even let me register for an account and I can't read why they said I can't. How did you manage to buy stuff from Yahoo JP?

Thru an agent , of cos you will have to pay their service fees . For yahoo auction, they have an agent “Buyee” . It’s easy to register with them cos they have it in English and Chinese .

maggiedragonpotter said: Hi, excuse me, could you please tell me where you got those books so I can spend my entire life savings on them? Please? :D

I got them thru bidding on Japan’s auction sites.

Anonymous said: Hey, so I just returned to the fandom and I was quite shocked to hear that your account was deleted... ._. I don't really know what to say, so well. Just don't give up, I guess? I found out from my friend that you had a flickr and a Facebook group and I requested to join your group! Is it possible for you to accept it? And also may I know about your flickr?

I need to know your name so I can accept your request .

heidikwhxd said: Hello:) just wanna ask how can I get super happy ending for Joshua second birthday? I tried a few times still fail to get it><


990 coins for 1 Cg ???!!! That’s …..T^T